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PS-CC Group was established in 2010,it is committed to integrating global commercial and industrial high-end resources in the context of global integration and carrying out urban systematic large-scale design and urban systematic large-scale operation, so as to build an ecological brand new city with distinctive urban characteristics that integrates human settlements, industries and nature and develops continuously.It covers five major ecological blocks: GOXUS, PS-CC University, PS-CC Construction, PS-CC Financial Control, and YIHE life brand. It has five partner business units in Beijing, New York, Vancouver, Tokyo and London.

In the future, PS-CC will follow the pace of The times and comply with the needs of The Times, and use systematic top-level grand design to enhance regional brand value, build regional cultural and economic ecology, cultivate new growth points of local economic development, and improve the happiness of living.

Development History


In 2017, PS-CC Group served as executive vice President unit of Beijing and Shanghai chamber of commerce and President unit of Fangshan cultural creativity Association.

In 2017, PS-CC Group's cultural and creative section was rated as "Top 30 cultural and creative enterprises in the capital" by Beijing and listed as a key support object.

In 2017,PS-CC Group was named "Beijing Party Construction Demonstration Base".

In 2017, PS-CC Group's Goxus cultural and creative incubator was rated as a national cultural and creative demonstration incubator.

In 2017, many talents of PS-CC Group were awarded the talent citation and support award of Zhongguancun, and two were selected into the 1000 talents plan of Zhongguancun.

In 2017, Yihuayuan cultural and creative eco-park, a subsidiary of PS-CC Group, was rated as a state-level demonstration creative eco-park, and received 100 million investment from the national cultural and creative support fund.

In 2017, PS-CC Group's financial investment, fund management, fund management amount exceeds 10 billion yuan, annual investment reached 7 billion yuan, most of the industry for the government to guide fund, including the Fangshan district cultural and creative industry fund, two years time, succeeded in producing the local ecological innovation, the introduction of more than 200 cultural and creative enterprise, tax breaks through 300 million yuan.

In 2017, PS-CC Group independently constructed the development and construction section and managed the development project quota exceeding 20 billion yuan.

In the new era, PS-CC Group aims to build an ecological and public regional brand with a new mode of cooperation between government and enterprises, provide a top-level grand design for regional brands, inject international high-end power into regional economic elements, and provide advanced mode support for the integrated development of regional economic dimensions.


Enterprise vision


Moderation, virtue and goodness.



Spread eastern culture.

光合集团Open up the cultural context, human settlement, industry and market access with the grand design, integrate the global quality resource elements, build the urban-rural tegration ecological circle, and bring the Oriental cultural products into every family under the world.

光合集团Build the micro-ecology of the city and cultivate the new brand in the city.


















Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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