On February 11, 2019, Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of PS-CC Group, visited Tianjin at the invitation of Rongcheng Group.The visit was warmly received by Zhang Ronghua, chairman of the board of directors of Rongcheng Group, Ren Hexin, head of Rongcheng think tank and President of Minzhi international research institute, and Yang Guohai, general manager of Rongcheng Xiangtai investment holding group co., LTD.To understand the local situation,the delegation visited Rongcheng college, new office, united steel works, iron smelting factory, time memory museum and other places on site, and made a field tr...
02 - 19
On January 20, Beijing Fangshan Cultural and Creative Industry Association hosted the theme 'Promoting integrated development and creating cultural and creative heights' 2019 Fangshan Cultural and Creative Spring BBS.Beijing cultural creative industry promotion center, well district party committee, district people's congress, the district government, the Chinese cultural center industry association, the Beijing municipal development and reform commission, well district party committee propaganda department, fangshan district culture creative industry promotion center, Suggestions ...
01 - 14
Recently, the 2018 Peak fire cultural innovation conference opened in Guangzhou,PS-CC Group chairman Zhao xingpeng attended the conference and delivered a speech.Peak fire cultural innovation conference is one of the largest non-profit industry-university-research media exchange conferences in China's cultural industry.This conference takes "cultural industry upgrading" as the theme, during which there are BBS theme and thematic exchange activities, focusing on academic foresight and theoretical improvement, and rich content thinking and practical operation case sharing.The confe...
01 - 10
"Beautiful China" is a concept put forward at the 18th national congress of the communist party of China.For the first time, the conference set "beautiful China" as the grand goal of future ecological civilization construction.The conference stressed that ecological progress should be given prominence and integrated into all aspects and the whole process of economic, political, cultural and social development.The construction of beautiful countryside is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of "Beautiful China".Sange...
01 - 07
Beijing Fangshan district "Diversion project" project series special report ——PS-CC Group-Shape the vitality of the city
12 - 27
News in briefOn December 19, 2018, Huadu district tourism investment promotion conference was held in Huadu district, Guangzhou. Chairman of PS-CC Group Zhao Xingpeng attended the conference.As the main guest, he witnessed the successful contract signed by PS-CC Group and the government of Timian town on the project of Timian international creative town, which will be officially settled in Huadu district, Guangzhou.Huadu districtGuangzhou Huadu district will focus on Timian town, Chini town and Furong resort, highlight the cultural connotation of Lingnan and the local characteristics of Huadu,...
12 - 21
Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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