With the deepening of economic globalization, it has become a trend of The Times to cooperate with government and enterprises to integrate high-quality resources of globalization and pool resources to give full play to their functions.Under this trend, the government of Liaocheng in Shandong Province actively complies with the trend, forms strategic cooperation with the PS-CC Group, gives full play to the advantages of the cooperation between government and enterprises, integrates global resources, introduces international resources and capital into Liaocheng, and makes integrated planning for its upcoming Liaocheng-World Water City Project.This strategic cooperation seeks the "frequency resonance point" between government policies and enterprise strategies, gives full play to the resource advantages of both governments and enterprises, and provides the maximum possibility for both governments and enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, it strongly promo...
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Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of PS-CC Group, visited the United States, Canada, Las Vegas and Los Angeles recently to visit the top industrial operating companies and design companies for business cooperation. The integration of PS-CC world resources is becoming faster and more stable, which indicates that PS-CC will lead the process of global integration in the economic field of China in a more high-spirited manner. PS-CC will become more powerful in urban operation and service.
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PS-CC villagePSCC-Village should inherit the cultural deposits and ideological connotations buried in the profound background of ancient villages, and retain the origin of etiquette and cultural relics of ethical and moral inheritance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that they live in a more comfortable environment, revitalize the active atmosphere of the village, and make the elderly and children live a happier life. On the one hand, PSCC-Village redeploy their environment, such as housing, roads in villages, drainage, sewage, garbage treatment and so on, and add cultural facilities for development under the premise of protection; on the other hand, digging and sorting out ancient village history and culture. Collecting the Chinese classical art handed down by the folk people and sorting it out systematically is conducive to inheritance and laying a foundation for development and utilization.Inheriting the cultureWith the accelerated development of urbanization, more and mor...
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PS-CC University, which provides intellectual support for project implementation, focuses on the study of large design theory. The original intention of founding PSCC-University is to make this place a new place for the combination of eastern and western civilizations. Teaching is for those who know, keep the way, and preach; Wish the doctrine of Zhuanxue to be the”Mingdezhizheng Yonghedatong”.After a period of breeding and accumulation, on July 12, 2017, the highly concerned PSCC-University finally started classes as scheduled. The staff of PS-CC Group participated in the study. The lecturer of PSCC-University, chairman Zhao Xingpeng, gave a detailed explanation of the curriculum model and teaching content of PSCC-University. PSCC-University will focus on the four aspects of Dao, Method, Technique, and Use. The traditional culture, the philosophical epistemology and the world outlook of the eastern and western civilization are explained from the aspect of Dao. The process and method o...
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An enterprise dedicated to public welfare must be a company with a sense of social responsibility and a trustworthy enterprise. Since then, PS-CC has been practicing its social responsibility as a national enterprise that spreads Oriental culture by quietly cultivating social welfare.In PS-CC, the core values of "moderation and honesty, morality and kindness" have been infiltrated into the operation and management of enterprises, and the support for social welfare has been regarded as its basic responsibility by PS-CC. Actively participating in social public welfare activities can not only show the value orientation of enterprises, but also constantly improve and perfect the values of enterprises, spread the value orientation of enterprises' pursuit of good cultural environment to the public and promote social progress, which is also the direction that PS-CC has been pursuing for many years.In 2017, PS-CC under the leadership of chairman Zhao Xingpeng, is c...
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"Yanghe New Life Village Brand Store" ProjectMedia outlets are reporting!▼Yanghe New Life Village Brand Experience Store was unveiled recently. This brand store is a milestone step for PS-CC Group to devote itself to rural brand construction. The operating results of Yanghe New Life Village Brand Store also give us great recognition for our exploration and efforts in rural revitalization. The new era of "rural revitalization" also gives PS-CC Group a new mission. We believe that PS-CC Group will continue to achieve more remarkable achievements under the strategic guidance of "Rural revitalization must be the rural brand revitalization led by grand design".Yanghe New Life Village Brand Store is the last product of PS-CC services at Yanghe regional brand construction, Yanghe territorial culture promotion platform, it is at the source, Yanghe in cultural products as cultural carrier, with the aim of cultural products brand into real l...
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