GOXUS|Under the new situation, the cultural and creative industry park evolves

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PS-CC (Beijing) culture creativity co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as PS-CC) with Yucheng Group, Myanmar Wa already start the process of cooperation, jointly build the Wa revolution memorial museum project, PS-CC and exhibition to the outside world formally, marked the PS-CC on exhibition project experience of mature and perfect, be PS-CC new breakthrough in the history of the development of enterprises!


Under the circumstances of globalization, how to compete with, integrate, develop and strengthen the cultural industry of all countries in the world is the theme of the common development of myanmar's cultural industry in China.Especially under the situation of the accelerated economic integration of "China-Asean", the relationship between China and Myanmar is getting closer. As the largest autonomous region in northern Myanmar, wa state plays an important role in the economic and cultural development of northern Myanmar.The government of the second special administrative region (wa) of Myanmar has approved the establishment of a free trade zone (wa free trade zone) under the investor's administrative authority through YuCheng Group.Focus on the development of modern tourism, the construction of wa ethnic characteristics and southeast Asian style of modern tourism city.


Since its establishment, PS-CC has been committed to enhancing the cultural influence of the country and region. Through continuous breakthrough and innovation in recent years, PS-CC has developed into a pioneer enterprise in China's cultural and creative industry.Its main businesses include exhibition class, industrial park planning, brand marketing and top-level pattern design, etc. In particular, PS-CC has been developed overseas and has begun to take shape.The cooperation between PS-CC and Wa States of YuCheng Group has played an important role in promoting the construction of modern tourism city with characteristics of wa nationality and flavor of southeast Asia.

光合星球 | 新形势下的文创产业园进化

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