Beijing and Shanghai Chamber of Commerce visited PS-CC Group

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On April 6, 2017, members of the Beijing and Shanghai Enterprise Chamber of Commerce visited the GOXUS Fangshan Garden. The leaders of the chambers of commerce included: Zheng Jianping, former head of the Shanghai Municipal Government's Beijing Office. Liang Baohua, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Government Office in Beijing, head of the Beijing Office, head of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ouyang Bing, General Manager of the Greenbelt holding Beijing-Tianjin Real Estate Division, and Mr. Ouyang Bing, General Manager of the Greenbelt holding Beijing-Tianjin Real Estate Division. The PS-CC serves as the vice chairman of the Beijing Shanghai It is a great honor to visit the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of PS-CC, accompanied the delegation to visit the overall office environment of the GOXUS Fangshan Garden and the development of the company. Strategy, business model, business scope and business process are introduced in detail. In the exchange, the participating enterprises affirmed the realistic significance of "PS-CC ecological strategy" in keeping with the times and the need for snobbery, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with the group company. Mr. Ouyang Bing, general manager of Greenbelt holding Beijing and Tianjin Real Estate Division, hopes to be able to promote the overall strategic layout of photosynthetic planet in China by virtue of the green space group's industrial layout ability, and to carry forward the "PS-CC model". PS-CC sincerely welcome and willing to join hands with the members of the chamber of commerce enterprises in the field of strategic development of enterprises to launch close Deep cooperation to create a new ecological platform for mutual exchange of resources and friendly cooperation between the members of the association.

The enterprises participating in the visit are:


Shanghai Municipal people's Government Beijing Office


Greenbelt group Beijing-Tianjin real estate department


Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.


Beijing branch


Shanghai Laiwei co., Ltd.


Beijing Salt Merchants Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd.


Xinlongyuan (Beijing) Asset Management Co., Ltd.


Noah fortune Beijing 10th branch


Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Beijing-Tianjin Regional Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Dexin Industry Co., Ltd.


Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Ying Tong Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.


Beijing north control telecom information technology co., Ltd


Beijing Guangming Health Dairy sales Co., Ltd.


Beijing Huaxin International Energy Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Shengjie Air purification equipment Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Haolin Construction Service Co., Ltd.


Zhongbei Huayu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Beijing Korea Power supply installation Co., Ltd.


Beijing building design institute co., Ltd


Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of PS-CC visited the exhibition hall of the group and briefed the delegation on the company's situation.


Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of PS-CC, accompanied the delegation to visit the resident enterprises


Chairman Zhao Xingpeng introduced the company to the delegation in the meeting room of the group


Speech by Zheng Jianping, former responsible person of Shanghai Municipal Government Office in Beijing


Speaking by Ouyang Bing, head of Beijing Office, Director of Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of Beijing-Tianjin Real Estate Department


Chairman Zhao Xingpeng and members of the Chamber of Commerce interact with each other


Statement by a member of the Shanghai Business Chamber of Commerce, Beijing

GOXUS is committed to the construction of a new urban ecological order, is a product of PS-CC serving for the fine operation of the city, the GOXUS polymerization industrial chain provides design, construction and financing for the fine operation of the city. The operating service (DBFOT), is constructed to incubate and serve the internal and external circular ecological model of industry, which is different from the traditional incubator in that GOXUS not only provides fine office space and perfect enterprise service for the resident enterprises. Professional investment and financing services and accurate guidance for the listing of enterprises, but also for the entry of enterprises to provide opportunities for project cooperation, through project cooperation for small and micro enterprises Survival and development provide effective business security. At the same time, the enterprise in the process of cooperation with PS-CC project, tacit understanding, unity of value, win-win development, ensure the high efficiency of project implementation, and provide operational protection for the group's continuous project introduction. At present, the GOXUS Fangshan Garden has signed up more than 75 enterprises, which has formed the ecological effect of inter-enterprise resources exchange, interaction and coordinated development, which plays a more and more important role in the fine operation and construction of Fangshan City.

The photosynthetic planet Fangshan garden enters the enterprise to display







The GOXUS Fangshan garden is the first planet industry park under the ecological strategy system of the PS-CC and the regional cultural creation ecosystem created by the PS-CC and the green space group. The GOXUS forms the operation system of ecological balance and sustainable development, and it is the aggregation of culture and creative enterprise. Specifically, the operating system of GOXUS consists of three parts: creative Design Center, Creative Industry Incubator and PS-CC Legion, Enterprises based on GOXUS and PS-CC through Entrepreneurial support, Project Cooperation, etc. The win-win situation has been achieved, and it has also provided convenience and high height for the landing city. Effective approach to the service of literary creation. At present, the GOXUS has formed a production-oriented solution for the fine operation of the city. The product series include: GOXUS, PSCC - Garden, PSCC - Large Set, PSCC - Village, PSCC - Community, PSCC - Street, PSCC -Town, PSCC - City House. PSCC - Station, PSCC - Kindergarten, PSCC - Vitality Center, PSCC - Industry Garden and other categories.

The Office Environment of the GOXUS Fangshan Garden


GOXUS Foreground


GOXUS Lecture hall


GOXUS Exhibition Hall


GOXUS Creative Center


GOXUS Fangshan Garden Office Building

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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