The project of Tangshan Ceramic Town was further advanced

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On April 13, 2017, Wang Yigang, executive deputy director of Lubei District, Tangshan City, and his team of 8 people visited PS-CC. The district leaders highly appraised the overall plan of "Tangshan Ceramic Town" and reached a cooperative intention.

The leaders who took part in the mission were:

Wang Yigang, executive deputy director of Lubei district

Mr Ma Yongtao,secretary for Science and Technology, Lubei District

Wang Junguo, Director of the Bureau of Industry and Communications of Tangshan City

Sun Tianshun, director of the bureau of work and trust in Tangshan city

Ren Xiao Bo, Director, Lubei Electronic Park

Sun Qianhong, chairman of Hong Kong Green Life International Group

Chen Lifu, president of Hong Kong Green Life International Group

Wang Xinyong,Jinyu Real Estate


Chairman Zhao Xingpeng accompanied the North District Leader of Tangshan road to visit the company


Staff in the group exhibition hall to Tangshan Road North District leaders to brief the company's basic information


Chairman Zhao Xingpeng accompanied the leaders of the North District of Tangshan road to visit the settled enterprises of the GOXUS Fangshan Garden


Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of the board of directors, introduced the company to the leaders of North District of Tangshan Road


The Chairman Zhao Xingpeng and the leaders of the North District of Tangshan Road deeply discuss the overall Planning Plan of "Tangshan Ceramics Town"

In 2016, the Ministry of Housing Urban-Rural Construction, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Circular on the cultivation of small towns with characteristics, and decided to carry out the cultivation of small towns with characteristics nationwide. Cultivate about 1000 characteristic, full of vitality leisure tourism, trade logistics, modern manufacturing, education technology, traditional culture, beautiful livable and other characteristics of small towns. Small towns belong to the end of the city and the first of the rural areas. They are the main body and representative of the urban and rural transition, the bridge and hub of the regional economy of the urban and rural areas, and the important part of the new urbanization strategy. Tangshan is the true north of china Fang porcelain, Tangshan bone porcelain is recognized as the highest grade porcelain species in the world. The bone porcelain produced in this area is the first in China, which fills up the blank in the production of high grade porcelain in China and inaugurates the era of bone porcelain development in China. Tangshan Ceramics Town is one of the PS-CC Towns created by PS-CC aiming at the fine operation of the city. PS-CC Town, will focus on the historical context of the town, cultural essence, ideological connotation and the protection and excavation of the geomantic environment, while commercial development, do not destroy the cultural context of the town, do not destroy the small town living environment, Does not destroy the town's feng shui lifeline, through the high-end creative design, the humanized space layout function Positioning, ecological and livable industrial allocation, heritage of small town culture, to achieve the integration of production and city.

PSCC - Town System Map


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