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Yanghe new district is really hot these days

It's not the famous Yanghe wine

It is the "Home of the Party Group" project of the PS-CC Group located in Yanghe new district

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The project of "The Home of the Party Group" in Yanghe new area of PS-CC Group broke the traditional urban construction mode and explored a new path of urban construction with the goal of building a harmonious and livable city and building a brand city.The project highlights the unique advantages of "Home of Party and Group" urban construction from the aspects of the precision of big data service, the flatness of administration, the diversification and quality of community service functions, and the integration of urban and rural coordinated development.


1.The flattening of social management and public service

XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home moved the business extension of street and its professional lines down to the community to establish a one-stop service.Party group home set up a total of eight external service Windows including:1.Party member service; 2. Agency service; 3. Property service; 4. Employment and entrepreneurship; 5. Social security; 6. Social assistance; 7. Payment service; 8. Comprehensive treatment mediation.The operation mechanism of "one person more posts, one post more jobs, one specialty more functions" is established as the main content, so that people can enjoy more convenient, richer and more intimate "three-dimensional" services.The community resident Zhang aunt is very happy to say: "before want to do a matter to want to run several offices, meet the person is absent of time, want to run a few times, now in a short while complete, really very convenient!”

2.The precision of big data service

"Home of Party Groups" aims to build "Diligent, Pragmatic and Efficient" ecological community, happy community and intelligent community, giving full play to the advantages of "Party Building + Intelligent Big Data"."Speak with data, make decisions with data, manage with data and innovate with data" drives community governance to transform from traditional governance thinking and mode to scientific, refined and precise.Relying on the "Smart Home" community cloud data center, develop the "Home of Party Groups" APP.The eight sub-systems of "intelligent party construction system, government service system, care group system, community endowment system, property service system, community e-commerce system, neighborhood social system, and community security system" will be effectively integrated,use big data to greatly improve the sense of belonging and happiness in the life of owners.For example, the government service system can easily understand the information related to the announcement release, policy publicity and administrative guidance of the community neighborhood committee through the "three affairs publicity" section of the APP of the party group home.It can also easily conduct government affairs booking services through mobile phones, and learn about entrepreneurship and employment information.At the same time, residents of the community can also reflect their opinions and Suggestions to the community neighborhood committee through the online platform, so as to achieve zero obstacles for communication and feedback between the government and the people.Through the big data platform, the care group system can establish the file card and classified care measures for the lonely elderly, left-behind children, the disabled, the families of the five guarantees for subsistence allowance, and the families under the category of the military, etc., so as to provide considerate service from point to point, ensure their needs can be met in the first time, and achieve "zero-hour difference" precise help.In general, the application of the big data service system facilitates the community residents, while it also enables the data operators to support decision-making through data analysis and better serve the people.

3.The normalization of the harmonious development of party-mass relations

XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home in terms of functional design specially designed between the theme display promenade "red culture" is divided into members pledge summarized and community party construction activities, the history of the party, the party members' vanguard seven sections, such as party construction education and party construction activities will work into the life of the people, from build credibility, promote social identity, improve public governance aspects of constructing new party-masses plural pattern. In addition, the online party construction system "wisdom" of the family of between the party and the masses through the mobile Internet platform is reported to the implementation of party members within their respective jurisdictions, carry out the party members' learning, concern for party members, party members volunteer service, the party members' development, the party members' interaction and pay dues', receive notifications and carry forward organization relationship, realizing a complete coverage of the party members' management and organizational life, for the party member team dynamic sustainable development provides hardware protection.


4.Diversity and quality of community service function

Taking the convenience of community service, the richness of community life and the sense of quality into consideration, XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home has carried out a diversified functional design and set up a community library, a home for women and children, a home for the aged and a home for makers. The community library has an electronic reading room, a reading area for books, magazines and newspapers to meet the reading needs of residents of different ages and identities."Women and children's home" aims to create a warm and special activity place for children in the community. There are graffiti area and climbing area where children's nature can be fully released. Meanwhile, designers create an imaginative activity space for children with the superposition of design elements and natural elements."Home for the aged" not only provides functional Spaces and facilities to meet the needs of the aged in daily life care, spiritual consolation, rehabilitation nursing, entertainment and care, but also USES the big data center to understand the aged structure, physical state, health status, life status and achieve precise help.At the same time, the university for the aged is established to carry out classes for the aged, health care lectures, various kinds of training, various competitions (calligraphy and painting, photography, dance, calligraphy, chess, go), various activities (festival gala, performance activities, summer camp for the aged).Let the old people's life rich up, and truly realize the enjoyment of the old."Maker's home" mainly serves disabled enterprises, female entrepreneurship enterprises, social organizations, and rural e-commerce. After the review by experts of maker's home, the entrepreneur individual or team can be settled in for free, and also can use the exhibition hall, direct broadcasting room and other functional areas for free.By providing such supporting optimization services as "free service", "expert positioning" and "mentor guidance", the company provides "one-stop" entrepreneurial guidance and growth guidance services for relevant start-up small and micro businesses and customer talents.

5.Remodeling community relations, neighborhood warming

In consideration of the change of residents' relationship in the urbanization process, the XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home takes the establishment of a warm new community order and the construction of a neighborhood communication bridge as its core operation goal.Online, on one hand, the function of the intelligence community APP in the section "neighborhood social systems" people from different villages in through the APP platform focus on community dynamics, activity, post bar, you can also add friends live chat, connect should close neighborhood relationship, achieve mutual confluence, to create mutual love warm harmonious new community order.On the other hand, offline, the pavilion of XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home -- native place pavilion is divided into four chapters: "dream of Yanghe", "taste of hometown", "settle in a new house" and "beautiful outlook". The four chapters show the people and stories of the community through scene reconstruction, video and pictures and texts.Through living stories, we can show the past life of the village to future generations and the glorious mileage of the old community to the society. By contrast, we can show the memories and happiness of the old home, aiming at keeping a local memory, so that the people who leave the hometown can have a place to recall their homesickness.Here, residents are familiar with each other and connected with each other to build a new community interpersonal order;Party-mass "multifunctional video hall" of the family of the implementation of the special service in community activities, the purpose is to through community activities, make the residents to break the "concrete", familiar, close up and realize the neighborhood by the unfamiliar to the familiar, to take care of each other across, helps to guide the masses of residents with operation practice of socialist core values, to foster social civilized practices up for good.


6.The integration of urban and rural development should be promoted

XinCheng MingYuan Party Group Home will be tied to the development of community development and the surrounding countryside, use of big data and the Internet to the farmers farming product configuration on the platform of supply and demand of production, meet the community residents living needs, and can solve the problem of farmers' production sales, to achieve the balance of supply and marketing, and ensure the safety of the residents' quality of life, is of great significance to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.In terms of operation mode, the party group home, as the middle party, is the link connecting community residents and farmers, as well as the introducer and guarantor, introducing the cooperation and mutual trust between the two sides, guaranteeing the quality and safety of crops to a certain extent, and providing guarantee for the maintenance of responsibility and power of both sides."Since the signing of the supply and marketing cooperation contract with the party group home of XinCheng MingYuan, there is no need to worry about the sale of corn any more.Grandma Zhang before the demolition of original neighborhood, oneself have a reservation, specially planted some cucumber, tomato, "moved to the village after the supermarket buy cucumber always feel not to eat the cucumber, since the community supply platform, online shopping is convenient, cheap, mainly cucumber taste enough" said Zhang grandmother glad.

The home of the party group, guided by PS-CC of "PSCC - city home", is the brainchild of the design elite and the project elite. Both the brand positioning of creative design and the functional positioning of creative design have achieved local conditions, foresight and detail.

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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