PS-CC Project|From the conception to the creation——China's rural road of the brand

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光合项目 | 从构想到缔造——中国农村的品牌之路

The branding of villages includes the reconstruction of the life order of villages, the improvement of the relationship between villages and cities, and the promotion of the cultivation and communication of village culture.Relying on the local natural environment, material resources and historical and humanistic factors, Sange Village integrates modern culture and technology to create a rural complex integrating human settlements, environment and industry,the cultural elements rich in local cultural characteristics are extracted for creative brand design. From individual products to ecological industrial chain, the multi-level value added of village brands is improved to achieve the overall building and effective communication of village brands.

Inheriting the culture

With the accelerated development of urbanization, more and more people realize the fulcrum role of cultural resources in building regional brands, and realize that the integration of cultural resources is the key to building regional brands,PS-CC believes that only those brands with cultural deposits can survive and become famous.For the shaping of Sange Village, the first step is to explore the history and culture, protect and inherit the local historical and cultural elements, and shape the image of the village.

Rebuilding the environment

The advanced design concept is adopted to redeploy the village's human settlements and landscape environment without damaging the natural environment. Through careful planning and implementation on multiple levels, such as brand image design, function division and demand guidance, a new order of village residents' life is built to make the village more comfortable and livable.

New culture of humanity

Improve the village in the environment at the same time, focus on protecting heritage village folk customs, the continuation of historical context, to cultivate the village cultural environment, cultural community back to life, create unique village tourism brand, development of tourism industry lines, labor skills training villagers, farmers life behave, job specification, promote local farmers employment.

Introduction of new industries, increase the village industry vitality and the power, configuration in accordance with local characteristics of relevant industries, build a self-sufficient ecological economic system, the development of tourism, the winery, farms, fruit and vegetable plantations, food processing factory, packaging plant, creative design institute and so on industry, at the same time, to some extent in villages and the dependence of the surrounding city in terms of quality of life.

Sange Village aims to build a closed-loop operation model integrating the employment, production, sales and brand publicity of villagers.Set up local factories, farms, etc., and organize local villagers to conduct quality and skill training to improve their employment capacity.Village management, including product sales, folk tourism, catering and other daily operations.Set up local stores and national brand stores, build local brand added value, and build a self-sufficient economic system.It also uses the Internet to open online platforms, increase publicity efforts, create its own media, documentaries and other ways to spread brand influence.

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