Jiangsu business department of PS-CC Group was formally established

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On October 28, the Jiangsu Business Department of PS-CC was officially established and the grand unveiling ceremony was held.Present at the inaugural meeting were:Gu yu, director of management committee of Yanghe new district; Qin chuan, member of the communist party committee of Yanghe new district;Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of PS-CC;Li Quanlin, deputy general manager of PS-CC; Zhang bing, deputy general manager of PS-CC;Zhang Shanbiao, general manager of PS-CC Jiangxi business department;Shen Linquan, managing partner of PS-CC, and Cangji Town, Zhenluo Town and Yanghe new area each supervisory area related leadership.


 Jiangsu business division was inaugurated at the ceremony

At the establishment conference, the participating leaders expressed warm congratulations to the establishment of Jiangsu business division and delivered speeches in succession.


Gu yu, director of management committee of Yanghe new district, expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of PS-CC's Jiangsu Business Department, and hoped that with the establishment of Jiangsu Business Department as an opportunity, PS-CC would further expand "the role of PS-CC" to reach the peak of PS-CC business, and expressed hope that Yanghe new district could cooperate with PS-CC more successfully.


  Gu yu, director of management committee of Yanghe new district

Vice secretary of Yanghe district departments Chen Heng on PS-CC in Yanghe project gave high evaluation of the construction of the new district, hope PS-CC Jiangsu department take this opportunity to vigorously carry forward the, dare to innovation, strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in closely around Yanghe brand positioning, fully excavating Yanghe gene, history, culture, planning to build more high-quality goods, handed down from ancient times to create beautiful Yanghe, Yanghe in China, the world of Yanghe make greater contribution.

Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of PS-CC, said that in today's world development, multi-dimensional elements are intricate and complex, and the form is difficult to be clear.However, China, with its empty cultural posture, constantly demands for improved quality of life and vigorous and extraordinary vitality, has become a great integration of new civilizations in the world, and a development trend of great output has been formed.At this stage, the simple economic behaviors that seek expansion in volume will become small things instead of attracting people's attention. We should focus on deep cultivation, so that various advanced civilizations of local historical context and world economic elements, which are organically integrated with local natural and cultural ecology, will create new urban and rural order and new brands.In other words, the era of dinosaurs in our country is about to pass, the stage of higher organisms is about to arrive, the great ecological order of the country has been completed, and the small ecological order of each region has just begun. History is not created by the masses, but by a small number of people at the forefront.


 Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of PS-CC

Zhao Xingpeng also said: "We hope that in the heart and conscience of the Jiangsu Business Department, we will always keep a bright, virtuous and empty mind, so that we can learn and not lose our way. Always with a heart of fear and prudence, so can encourage diligence; Always hold the heart of a family and country responsibility, so can be brave to bear, not afraid of obstacles!"

Li Quanlin, deputy general manager of PS-CC, delivered a speech focusing on "Gratitude to Yanghe, taking root in Yanghe and boosting Yanghe", saying that he would plan a bright future for Yanghe with the craftsman spirit of seeking perfection.


Li Quanlin, deputy general manager of PS-CC

Zhang bing, deputy general manager of PS-CC, said PS-CC will strongly support the establishment of Jiangsu business division, which is a major strategic realization of the group's development.


 Zhang bing, deputy general manager of PS-CC

Jiangsu business division is a great strategic decision made by the group after a year of successful cooperation and cooperation between photosynthesis and Yanghe. This decision will promote the long-term development of Yanghe business and add a lot of color to the achievement of the group's overall strategic goals.


In the future, PS-CC will co-exist with Yanghe Government, build a new urban and rural order, build a new brand of Yanghe, and establish a new model of Yanghe in China's regional ecological economy.

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