PS-CC Information | 6th World Chinese Art Education Conference is held in Ningbo University

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光合资讯 | 第六届世界华人美术教育大会在宁波大学举办

Group photo of the 6th World Chinese Art Education Conference

On November 19, 2017, hosted by UNESCO and InSEA, Ningbo University and The World Chinese Fine Arts Education Association jointly held the 6th World Chinese Fine Arts Education Conference co-organized by PS-CC in Ningbo University, welcoming the representatives of art education scholars and teachers from around the world to participate in the event.


The event to "Reflect on and responsibility: Visual arts education of present and future" as the theme, deeply explore and reflect on The Times change and transformation in the development of visual art education, from the deep level, multi-angle, all-round exchanges share in each country and area innovative concept and practice of visual art education, to promote the common development of China and the world fine arts education.

光合资讯 | 第六届世界华人美术教育大会在宁波大学举办

Central academy of fine arts urban design vice-dean Xu Zhongou speech

Experts and scholars from China mainland, Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated in the conference. Including the central academy of fine arts urban design institute vice President Xu Zhongou; Zhou Zhiyu, professor and tutor of central academy of fine arts; Honorary chairman of world Chinese art education association Guo Zhenxiang, acting chairman Chen Yiqian; Dressa eka, professor at the university of Porto in Portugal and President of education international academy of fine arts; Justin sutter, director of the education institute of arts at George mason university in the United States, is an expert and scholar engaged in the study of education in fine arts at well-known institutions at home and abroad.


Zhao Xingpeng, founder and chairman of PS-CC, was invited to attend the conference and gave an enthusiastic academic speech under the theme of DOSIGN.

DOSIGN is the basis and soul of the academic theory of PS-CC, plays a vital leading role in the company's project planning, design and operation, and has an absolute "methodology" supporting role for the successful implementation of the project.


光合资讯 | 第六届世界华人美术教育大会在宁波大学举办

Speech by Zhao Xingpeng, founder and chairman of PS-CC


PSCC DOSIGN concept: "Dominated by thought of this one man, enlighten and enlighten the truth, the heart and the context, nature of the objective world, human society make the form along with the behavior of organisms, known as the grand design", and argues that, from elements of economy, China is currently in a complex economy, to the brand important historical stage of economic transition,only by integrating the "enlightened" thinking of the east and the "materialistic" thinking of the west, and doing a good job in the grand design of strategic, systematic and aesthetic coordination, can we lead the development of the world and shape the new Datong order of heaven, man and tao.


PS-CC has been committed to building the urban brand ecology of human settlements and harmonious development of nature, serving the refined operation of the city with cultural creativity, and serving all aspects of human settlements production and life. The mission of PS-CC creative ecology is to use high-quality creative design services to create new intelligent species in the human society ecology, meet the ever-growing demands of deep experiential interaction, and improve people's life quality and spiritual taste.


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