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An enterprise dedicated to public welfare must be a company with a sense of social responsibility and a trustworthy enterprise. Since then, PS-CC has been practicing its social responsibility as a national enterprise that spreads Oriental culture by quietly cultivating social welfare.

光合公益 | 以公益之心行品牌之道

In PS-CC, the core values of "moderation and honesty, morality and kindness" have been infiltrated into the operation and management of enterprises, and the support for social welfare has been regarded as its basic responsibility by PS-CC. Actively participating in social public welfare activities can not only show the value orientation of enterprises, but also constantly improve and perfect the values of enterprises, spread the value orientation of enterprises' pursuit of good cultural environment to the public and promote social progress, which is also the direction that PS-CC has been pursuing for many years.

In 2017, PS-CC under the leadership of chairman Zhao Xingpeng, is committed to building a cultural and creative ecology, building regional brands and building a new order for urban development.The DOSIGN should open up the cultural context, human settlements, industries and market access, integrate the global quality resource elements, build the urban-rural integration ecological circle, and bring Oriental cultural products into every family.In addition, Zhao Xingpeng, as chairman of PS-CC, visiting professor of the school of art and design of Pan Tianshou of Ningbo University, President of Beijing Fangshan district cultural and creative industry association, representative of Beijing Fangshan district people's congress, vice President of Beijing Shanghai enterprise chamber of commerce, also widely supports various education causes.

The beauty of great virtue - make a contribution to the design of Ningbo University

Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of PS-CC, donated 2 million yuan to the education development foundation of Ningbo University on April 6, 2017, which was specially used to set up the "PSCC-Star" development fund of the school of art and design of Pan Tianshou of Ningbo University, including "PSCC - Star Student Design Award" and "PSCC - Star Teacher Award Fund".In this way, students who work hard and achieve outstanding results in the field of design will be rewarded as excellent teachers who make outstanding contributions to the development of the college.

Zhao Xingpeng said: from elements of economy, China is currently in a complex economy, to the brand important historical stage of economic transition, cultivating big design talent is particularly important in rural construction, the city will evolve, we need the talents should be based on Chinese traditional culture as the soul, based on the boundary integration design, "the strategy, systems, and aesthetics" three-dimensional synchronized customization design.The university campus is also an important breeding ground for Chinese culture. I hope to build our beautiful "homeland" by the propagation of PS-CC, the energy of PS-CC, and the cultivation of better diversified knowledge talents.

The view of DOSIGN

Build the Micro-Ecology of the city and cultivate the new brand in the city

PS-CC is a Chinese brand revitalization service provider based on design drive, brand enablement, regional brand construction and product sales. The group owns a number of equity and holding subsidiaries, and PS-CC is committed to building a new ecology of cultural creativity, which serves urban renewal and rural brand building, as well as the production and life of human settlements.

Since its inception in 2009, PS-CC has gone through nine years in 2018. In nine years, the will to PS-CC has not changed, and in the future, the will to PS-CC will not change. That is to use the method of big design to connect heaven and earth, to inherit the context, to create new species that meet the needs of heaven and earth, and then to form a new ecological order of human habitation and natural harmony. At the same time, we should fulfill our corporate social responsibility with practical actions and contribute to the harmonious development of our society.

光合公益 | 以公益之心行品牌之道

光合公益 | 以公益之心行品牌之道

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