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PS-CC University, which provides intellectual support for project implementation, focuses on the study of large design theory. The original intention of founding PSCC-University is to make this place a new place for the combination of eastern and western civilizations. Teaching is for those who know, keep the way, and preach; Wish the doctrine of Zhuanxue to be the”Mingdezhizheng Yonghedatong”.

After a period of breeding and accumulation, on July 12, 2017, the highly concerned PSCC-University finally started classes as scheduled. The staff of PS-CC Group participated in the study. The lecturer of PSCC-University, chairman Zhao Xingpeng, gave a detailed explanation of the curriculum model and teaching content of PSCC-University. PSCC-University will focus on the four aspects of Dao, Method, Technique, and Use. The traditional culture, the philosophical epistemology and the world outlook of the eastern and western civilization are explained from the aspect of Dao. The process and method of big design from the perspective of law; Tell specific design techniques from the technical level; Practical cases from the perspective of application.

From elements of economy, China is currently in a complex economy, to the brand important historical stage of economic transition, the only thinking "understanding" of the east and the west of the compatible system with the "Ming" thought, strategy, system, the Dosign aesthetics as a whole, to lead the development of the world, the shape nature and the Datong new order.

光合资讯 | 光合大学开学典礼

光合资讯 | 光合大学开学典礼

PSCC-University Send words

The needs of the times for design are no longer simple aesthetic expression or limited functional realization. The strategy of breaking through the known demands, the multi-dimensional system, and the aesthetics of the comprehensive truth are all the key factors influencing the design creation gene.

The times has completed the evolution from quality, function and single dimension value to ecological multi-dimension value. Each eco-brand is an organism of brand gene, brand function, brand experience, brand content, brand expression, brand capital, brand ownership and brand operation.

The attitude of the times towards civilization has changed from the absolutely dominant scientific cognition of the western world with laws and principles, to the daoism cognition that is compatible with the Oriental world and comprehending the Datong. The great opportunity of the eastern and western civilizations in China is growing and emerging in the great era.

The Dosign, especially a large mental image, breaks through the constraints of knowledge, space, and time in order to make the heart and the Dao, to be able to listen, to understand the system, and to become a beautiful image.

The original intention of founding PS-CC University is to make this place a new place for the combination of eastern and western civilizations. Teaching is for those who know, keep the way, and preach; Wish the doctrine of Chuanxue to be the great design of Mingdezhizheng Yonghedatong.

Under the planning of the Dosign program, the teachers of PS-CC University are invited to teach by the international industry elites. Within PS-CC University, everyone is specialized in the field, and the experience of the society can also be a teacher.

Hope everyone actively sign up, with unremitting learning mentality, the realization of PS-CC ideal together.

----- Zhao Xingpeng

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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