Eight ecological blocks


1. PS-CC think tank ecological block

The core intelligence output mechanism of PS-CC ecology.


2. Grand design ecological block

The creative execution unit of PS-CC ecology provides a whole system solution for the construction of brand ecological new town.


3. Developing and constructing ecological block

The engineering construction implementation unit of PS-CC ecology focuses on the engineering management service of project development and construction.


4. Investment and financing service ecological block

The PS-CC ecological capital platform provides effective capital guarantee for the orderly implementation of the project. Provide capital support for the healthy growth of enterprises.

5. GOXUS ecological block

The resource incubation platform of PS-CC ecology will establish industrial ecological alliance for cities, link high-end strategic resources, and build a new ecology of government and enterprise cooperation with effective guidance and balanced industrial development.


6. The industry operates ecological block

Support platform for PS-CC eco-industrial configuration and operation, aggregation of operation and operation teams, and favorable support for economic regional development.


7. PS-CC university ecological block

It is the carrier of PS-CC's ecological academic will. It is responsible for the research, communication of PS-CC's grand design theory and the research and application of Chinese traditional culture, which helps the evolution and upgrading of PS-CC's ecology.


8. YIHE ecological block

PS-CC eco-brand promotion terminal, dedicated to the planning and promotion of Chinese cultural products, advocates the global expression of Chinese culture.



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