Focus on urban development investment and enterprise incubation investment and post-investment management. The investment stage covers all stages of the initial stage, growth stage and maturity stage. Photoalloy control focuses on the following core investment fields for a long time, and keeps exploring and exploring emerging business opportunities.
Analyze the unique positioning and core competitiveness of a city from the perspectives of nature, humanity, competitive environment and advantages and disadvantages, and conduct top-level design for urban development through systematic methodology, including economic development planning, industrial design, investment attraction operation, brand building and other dimensions. The social benefits, economic benefits, short-term benefits and long-term benefits of urban development should be taken into consideration comprehensively.
The ultimate direction of urban development is to build an urban development ecology with unique character, beautiful environment, orderly and happy. Grand urban design, with people as the center, construction planning and industrial implantation as the focus, aims at urban branding, integrates international resources, and reconstructs the new order of urban, human settlement and natural harmonious development.We are  specialising in foresight and scenario-based strategic planning. We help our clients connect emerging macro trends with their local issues and concerns, in order to design r...
PS-CC Construction "For urban residents to the creation of residential, industrial, natural and harmonious development of high quality environment" for the mission, is committed to be based on the development and construction industry, investment and financing group, a leading industry investment capacity in the business scope includes high-end residential development, urban complex and office development investment operation, property management services, pension industry, logistics, real estate, rent the apartment, real estate funds, equity investment, asset management and overseas...
Urban growth is the process of industrial growth. Whether a city can win the competition in the future depends on whether the level of its urban industry is improved and whether it can build high-end industries with high value, high innovation and sustainable growth potential. Urban industry incubation: by studying the status and future of urban industry development, integrate global quality industrial resources, cultivate new opportunities for urban industry development, and build a new ecology for urban and industrial integration development.
City confidence comes from the city culture, which is the brand name card of the city. The YIHE brand series of PS-CC Group is dedicated to the transmission and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. As a link platform between Chinese culture and world culture, YIHE is rooted in the traditional culture of cities. Through cooperation with top design teams and non-genetic inheritors, it creates branded products of its own cities and promotes them on a global scale for the development of cities.

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