YuJiang Carving Town Project, which is Shared by YuJiang county and PS-CC Group, to form the features of international influence ecological cultural industry projects, the craftsmen and YuJiang county PS-CC Group will hand in hand carved YuJiang industrialization promoted to city branding important manifestation, is the government to release the urbanization, the regional economic transformation, upgrade of business model evolution, forms a powerful attempt.YuJiang carving brand system has six components, respectively, YuJiang cultural experience store, carving master builder App, YuJiang Carv...
City·Industry·Habitation·EcologicalProject introductionLocated in Liaocheng Jiangbei Watertown Tourism Resort, the World Water Town Project is a world-class large-scale comprehensive entertainment project under the guidance of the government, which is jointly designed, operated and invested by PS-CC Group, famous companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.Project positioningLiaocheng of Shandong Province is a famous national historical and cultural city with over 2,700 scenic spots and historical sites, and over 470 sites of tourism development value. ...
Organic integration of human settlements, nature and industryPSCC-Rural complex project focuses on the farmers' full participation and guarantee of their income, takes comprehensive development as the means, bases on agriculture, takes culture as the soul, takes sightseeing and leisure as the theme, and aims at building a rural culture brand, to explore a new path of rural development in which the first, second and third generation are deeply integrated. The project adheres to the principle of taking farmers as the center, and guides farmers to take land as the shareholder of vil...
New commercial species experience park
Not only industrial cluster but also intelligent industrial chain incubationPSCC- Industrial Park, in the form of cultural creativity + industry, serves regional economic development and is the operation carrier of industrial related enterprises. Based on the incubation industry, it integrates more scientific and intelligent technological means and the ecological system of operation mode.
The core value and goal of rural brand construction“Shennong Era” is a brand IP built on the basis of Yanghe regional agriculture, supported by science and technology, linked by culture and with brand output as the core goal. "Shennong Era" excavates the Chinese farming culture, creates the characters that conform to the aesthetics of the times and have artistic value based on historical figures, and integrates the historical and cultural stories to evolve, forming a set of brand IP with promotional value.

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