Not only industrial cluster but also intelligent industrial chain incubationPSCC- Industrial Park, in the form of cultural creativity + industry, serves regional economic development and is the operation carrier of industrial related enterprises. Based on the incubation industry, it integrates more scientific and intelligent technological means and the ecological system of operation mode.
The core value and goal of rural brand construction“Shennong Era” is a brand IP built on the basis of Yanghe regional agriculture, supported by science and technology, linked by culture and with brand output as the core goal. "Shennong Era" excavates the Chinese farming culture, creates the characters that conform to the aesthetics of the times and have artistic value based on historical figures, and integrates the historical and cultural stories to evolve, forming a set of brand IP with promotional value.
High quality urban public service complex“Party Group Home” aims at building "diligent, practical and efficient" ecological community, happy community and intelligent community, and should give full play to the advantages of "party building + intelligent big data", and "speak with data, make decisions with data, manage with data, and innovate with data" to drive community governance from traditional governance ideas and models to scientific, refined and precise. Based on cloud data center, "home of wisdom" community development " Party Gro...
Promote the economic development of the enterprise upgrade services ecological circlePS-CC through creative design and function planning, as well as resource integration ability, it serves the needs of urban industry and economic development, helps the city to connect resources, and outputs a service platform of wisdom, thoughts and resources. It is a comprehensive platform to promote the harmonious development of cities and provide resource-based services for urban development.
Culture is influenced by the environment, Connotation affects lifePSCC-School committed to the construction of regional internationalized education ecology, introduced top international education resources, improved local education level, carried out forward-looking layout and planning design on campus planning and construction, education system composition and other aspects, and created an international education environment suitable for Chinese children. Constantly explore the application and development of international education model in China, aiming to fundamentally change the tradi...
Implanting social service function·Constructing new order of neighborhood lifePS-CC thinks, there are four elements of community. First, the community is a relatively stable, independent geographical boundary or gathering place; second, communities are organized by certain relationships and have a significant number of population groups; third, communities have a governing body capable of maintaining the public interest and order of the region and the population; fourth, people living in the region have a sense of geographic belonging and a sense of cultural identity. ...

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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