Change the way of walking with the brand approachPS-CC believes that streets should continue the city's memory, reflect the city's character, inject brand system into streets, use creative design to integrate architecture and commerce, reasonably optimize municipal engineering, and establish barrier-free transportation facilities. In addition, it is more important to respect people's feelings, respect street aesthetics, and every street should be a unique memory. Streets are part of life, not just for traffic, but as communities. Most of the buildings in Italy are bu...
Multiple service elements are integrated urban servicesGood public order is the yardstick of urban civilization and convenient infrastructure is the effective guarantee of people's quality of life。PSCC-Public washroom is located near the bus station to meet people's convenience needs, integrating convenient shopping, medical treatment, public toilet and life sharing services, to help the region and city establish a good social public order.

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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