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Change the way of walking with the brand approach

PS-CC believes that streets should continue the city's memory, reflect the city's character, inject brand system into streets, use creative design to integrate architecture and commerce, reasonably optimize municipal engineering, and establish barrier-free transportation facilities. In addition, it is more important to respect people's feelings, respect street aesthetics, and every street should be a unique memory. Streets are part of life, not just for traffic, but as communities. Most of the buildings in Italy are built directly into the street, and the floors beyond the building's silhouette are paved for street use, with people standing and talking or carrying stools and drinking coffee, the whole atmosphere of life permeated the street.

Street, it has a certain connection with people, it provides people to travel, for people to conduct business activities; road, it is the space where cars and people coexist. It is the pulse of traffic facilities for most of the time, but it is closely related to people. Streets are not just traffic, they can be made into a brand completely, and it should reflect the characteristics of the city, especially in the construction of infrastructure. It is necessary to integrate the three aspects of people, residence and natural environment to upgrade China's street appearance and realize higher city value with the attitude of harmonious coexistence.




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