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Project introduction

Located in Liaocheng Jiangbei Watertown Tourism Resort, the World Water Town Project is a world-class large-scale comprehensive entertainment project under the guidance of the government, which is jointly designed, operated and invested by PS-CC Group, famous companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Project positioning

Liaocheng of Shandong Province is a famous national historical and cultural city with over 2,700 scenic spots and historical sites, and over 470 sites of tourism development value. Liaocheng city has a unique feature of "Jiangbei Water City", which is known as "the Venice of northern China". The familiar water margin, golden lotus, liaozhai, Sunzi and Mozi culture originated here.

The World Water Town Project is rooted in Shandong culture and "Water margin" culture, and is embedded with international design and cultural elements, in an effort to build a top international fashion, leisure and entertainment complex, form the World Water Town brand IP, and build the brand ecology of integrated development of World Water Town.

Industry planning

The World Water Town Project has invested tens of billions of RMB, covering large theme parks, large indoor water entertainment complex, water margin theme interpretation, world-class fashion show, international water culture festival, and world famous water city landscape cluster, to create five functional systems of the World Water Town.


 World Water Town tour


Water margin theme deduction


Commercial indoor street

Brand creation

The top-level strategic grand design of the World Water Town Project is based on local area and international perspective, and introduces global high-end industrial resources. Centering on the overall positioning of "ecological integration, international fashion, harmony between man and nature and youth stimulation", based on the preliminary industrial analysis of Liaocheng, a new name card of Liaocheng with international, fashion, culture and vitality is created.


 Brand activities


 World water themed carnival


 Victoria's secret fashion show

Address: China·Beijing·Fangshan Greenland Departure International Phase III-5 Guanghe Creative Building-Photosynthetic Headquarters

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