Urban construction and development

PS-CC Construction "For urban residents to the creation of residential, industrial, natural and harmonious development of high quality environment" for the mission, is committed to be based on the development and construction industry, investment and financing group, a leading industry investment capacity in the business scope includes high-end residential development, urban complex and office development investment operation, property management services, pension industry, logistics, real estate, rent the apartment, real estate funds, equity investment, asset management and overseas investment, etc.

The project operation mode of PS-CC construction is: DBFOT (Design, Build, Financing, Operation, Transfer) and EPCO (Excogitation, Procurement, Carry out,Operation).At present, the company has formed a series of product solutions for the refined urban operation.There are mainly: GOXUS, PS-CC Garden, PS-CC Big set, PS-CC Village, PS-CC Community, PS-CC Street, PS-CC Town, PS-CC City house, PS-CC Station, PS-CC Kindergarten, PS-CC Vitality center, PS-CC Industrial park, etc.

In recent years, major projects include upgrading the overall brand of Dongcheng district of Beijing, with a total investment of 12 billion yuan, PPP mode, cooperation with government projects, real estate balance and social capital;Beijing Cultural and Creative Demonstration Park Daxing Yihua Garden investment, construction and operation, total investment of 1.5 billion, fully own funds;Major design, investment attraction, construction, development, operation of Jiangsu Yanghe new area, total investment of 12 billion, partial government procurement, partial real estate project balance, social operation as the leading;Xiongan civil service system, infrastructure system, and cultural and ecological system brand grand design, construction and operation, total investment of 3 billion, mainly EPC government procurement, part of free capital investment, operating income subsidies.


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